Associate Professor of  Supply  Chain  Management


A note about recommendation letters:

I frequently get requests for reference letters and other forms of recommendation from students seeking employment, internships or further educational opportunities. While I gladly act as a reference for my students, I have several policies that I follow as listed below:

- You have to inform me that you are listing me as a reference before you give my contact information to potential employers and other relevant parties. If you do not, and I get a phone call or an e-mail asking for information about you, I will have to turn down the request, since I need your consent prior to giving out confidential information regarding your performance in my courses.

- I need at least two weeks notice to write a reference letter. I may ask for more time depending on how busy I am at the time of request.

- I do not give letters to students to be delivered to potential employers or academic institutions. I either mail hard copies, or e-mail soft copies directly to the person addressed in the letter. I reserve the right to use whichever of these two methods I choose.

- I do not provide public recommendation or endorsements, such as those published on LinkedIn or similar websites. If you ask for one of those, I will categorically turn down your request. However, feel free to add me as a contact on LinkedIn.

- The student must have earned at least an A- in one of my courses.

- To initiate the process, please bring to my office or email me

  1. an updated copy of your CV,

  2. a copy of your latest transcript,

  3. list of addresses to send the letters,

  4. a cover letter detailing the position you are applying to.

  5. a list of points you would like to emphasize in the letter